Certified by United Nations-UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research)


In the context of an unprecedented situation, caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the online training programs proposed by GITT Institute are a solution that helps companies, workers and students to update and improve their capacities and skills within the framework of Government and Institutional Travel and Tourism through a collaborative environment and without compromising health.
- Ideal time to provide students with unique professional skills
- Promote the talent of professionals with new differentiating capacities
- Increase the competitive positioning of companies in the GITT sector

Special programs for suppliers and companies

If you are interested in a training program for your company or establishment, please contact us. We have global proposals at a very low cost to train your employees in GITT.

GITT Institute's online campus helps companies gain a competitive advantage by providing new skills and professional development in a safe, dynamic and attractive way. GITT Institute is the trusted partner for empowering talent and transforming the skills of your staff within the emerging Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism sector (GITT).


Governments and Institutions

Following the relationship that links us to our Sponsor Tourism Optimizer Platform, we have a special program for Governments and Institutions that allows us to offer training not only in GITT, but in issues related to tourism and health safety that may be of interest to public employees and citizens themselves.

Training programmes aimed at the personnel of governments and institutions participating in the organisation of Governmental and institutional Travel and Tourism. Provide them with capabilities and skills to improve the planning of this type of travel.

Offer online training through the GITT Institute Campus to any citizen interested in acquiring and improving their professional skills, giving them the possibility of obtaining a specialization within the new sector of Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism.